Silent film concerts: Häxan

WHS Theatre will show Benjamin Christensen's film "Häxan" ("Witchcraft through the ages") in three nights in a row with live score by an ensemble of Samuli Kosminen, Linda Fredriksson, Matti Bye and Lau Nau.

Ohjaus: Benjamin Christensen

Ruotsi, 1922


Tanskalaisen mestariohjaajan Benjamin Christensenin mykkäelokuva Häxan nähdään maaliskuussa Teatteri Unionin kinokonsertissa. Säestyksestä vastaa ensiluokkainen taiteilijanelikko: perkussionisti Samuli Kosminen, saksofonisti Linda Fredriksson, laulaja-lauluntekijä Launau sekä ruotsalainen mykkäelokuvasäestyksiin erikoistunut pianisti Matti Bye.

Vuonna 1922 ensi-iltansa saanut erikoislaatuinen elokuva Häxan pohjautuu Christensenin tutkimuksiin noituudesta ja noitavainoista. Fiktiota ja faktoja yhdistävä elokuva esittelee keskiajan maailmankuvaa, noitia keittelemässä lemmenjuomia, paholaisen riivaamia nunnia, inkvisition toimintaa, kidutusvälineitä sekä pohtii noituuden syitä.


17.3. klo 19

18.3. klo 19

19.3. klo 19

Original score for Lotta Petronella's film Home. Somewhere

Lau Nau has made the original music score for Lotta Petronella's film "Home. Somewhere" (Hem. Någonstans"). The score is composed, edited and mixed by Laura Naukkarinen and played & recorded by Laura Naukkarinen and Pekko Käppi.

The music soundtrack will be released as an album in spring 2015.

This year’s DocPoint included the Critic’s Choice, where American film critic John Anderson chose three of  his favourites from the New Finnish Documentary Films series, one of which was HOME. Somewhere. This is what he writes:

"Formally precise, emotionally profound, Home. Somewhere. gives a poetic voice to people who have never traditionally had one, men who maintain a combative relationship with both God and the Earth – and, somehow predictably, live and work at the edge of the sea. They have a tenuous grasp on the meaning of life, but only because they’ve had the time and inclination to regard it, from a vantage point at the end of the world.

“Anything can be dramatic,” says one, with a dismissive shrug at his own significance. “But one human life is not.” Director Lotta Petronella would beg to differ.

If there’s a storyline at the heart of Home, it is directly rooted in the cosmological; the filmmaker has made a true and honest work about madly elusive matters, including self-worth, self-reliance and the existential self. The great gray expanses she shows, and the oceanic void that seems to exist just off camera, suggest melancholy, a quality mentioned several times in the course of the film. (One of the subjects defines it as the feeling one has in the process of losing something – as opposed to sadness, which is the feeling of loss). But what’s being felt by these men also seems like nostalgia – a yearning for something one might never have known at all, in this case a place in the world that is solid and settled and, as the title implies, home.

How the subjects express themselves, while roaming the forests, killing a seal, plucking a bird or cleaning a fish, is made eloquent by Petronella’s style, which involves regularly shooting her subjects from behind, the figure within the frame always moving forward, face and destination unseen and sometimes unknown. She places her men in an always suggestive proximity to their environment: Intended or not, one snow-suited subject, wrestling himself out of a hole in the ice, gives a credible impersonation of childbirth – a newborn sprung from a world in which temperatures are rising, ice is disappearing, terra cognita is being deformed/destroyed and everything familiar is melting away.

Home. Somewhere. may be more a movie about the environment of the mind than the world, but its regard of the ecology cannot be overlooked.

The sea and sky are Petronella’s indispensable confederates, but so are Lau Nau and Micke Nyström. Nau’s music suggest the mournful cry of the drifting human soul; Nyström’s sound design is an intoxicant. Together they elevate the entire experience of Home. Somewhere. and provide invaluable assistance to Petronella in achieving her goal: Elevating the anonymous and unsung, and ennobling their search for meaning. Documentaries seldom attempt anything so simple, or hope to achieve so much."

About the film:

Men are living their lives and doing their things in places where land meets the boundless sea, and where life, and the whole human body, are connected with the surrounding nature. The ever-changing sky, the infinite sea and the windy land are nature’s basic elements. Amid them the men contemplate the basic questions of life and their own relationship with their surroundings. “If the sea and the fish would disappear, a part of me would disappear as well”, one of them says.

The documentarist follows men to the misty sea, on flimsy ice and summery cliffs, and to the seaside grove. The sea is heard on the soundtrack as a humming roar, seagus’s screams and the whistling of heaving slush of ice. In scenery like this, thoughts have room to wander. “Who am I” and “What makes a home” are questions that arise on the shore of the infinite. The sea affects people. It makes us wonder about things and their proportions. Sometimes it causes longing, feelings of being lost, and melancholy. But at the same time, it is difficult to come up with anything more beautiful. As one of the men says: “This landscape is love of certain kind”.

Directed by 

Lotta Petronella

Writing Credits

Lotta Petronella

Produced by 

Leila Lyytikäinen

Fisher King Production

Music by 

Lau Nau

Cinematography by 

Lotta Petronella

Film Editing by 

Annukka Lilja

A day in the mouth of Lau Nau

Sami Sänpäkkilä directed a documentary about Lau Nau. This is what he writes about it on his site:

Direct links: Vimeo / Youtube

"The seventh episode in the series A Day in the Mouth features Lau Nau, the musical alias of Laura Naukkarinen – a singer-songwriter, composer, producer.

This episode took a while to put together as I first felt that I had not done justice to Laura’s amazing kindhearted person and her massive enthusiasm for music well enough while filming Laura and her family. It took an editor other than me to find that from the footage. This is the first time anyone edits my videos and I’m very excited that Eeva Tuomi was able to bring out what I was perhaps too close to able to see. Laura and myself have known each other for a long time and she is among one of my oldest “musical” friends. Especially in this case it was nice to see someone else juggle the questions of what to include and what to leave out."

Watch more episodes of A Day in the Mouth.


Maailma: Speculum (Rotor records 2014)

Live score for the film La Chute de la Maison Usher

Lau Nau and the Dirty Candles performed a newly composed live score for Jean Epstein's film "The Fall of the House of Usher" ("La chute de la maison Usher", 1928, France).
The band is Laura Naukkarinen, Niko Karlsson, Antti Tolvi and Jaakko Tolvi and the first concerts with this film were November 15th 2014 at Cinemadrome festival, elokuvateatteri Niagara, Tampere and November 16th 2014 at Rokumentti & Cinemare festival, Kino Tapio, Joensuu.
Followed with a concert in WHS Teatteri Union September 12th 2015.

Live score for the film Anna-Liisa

Lau Nau and the Dirty Candles (Laura Naukkarinen, Jaakko Tolvi, Pekko Käppi, Niko Karlsson & Antti Tolvi) have composed a new live score for the film Anna-Liisa (Teuvo Puro & Jussi Snellmann, Finland, 1922), to be performed at Loud Silents festival, Tampere, April 26th, Reikäreuna-festival at Orivesi September 6th and Vilimit-festival at Kuopio, October 2nd, 2014.

Poems by Laura performed by Tom Liwa and Tim Isfort Quartett

Something special happened in Germany 14.6.2014. Tom Liwa interpreted interpreted new commissioned texts by Lau Nau while the wonderful Tim Isfort Quartett played their pieces. Tagebuchtage festival, Kulturgut Haus Nottbeck.

Nomination for the Jussi prize

Lau Nau has been nominated for Jussi prizes in Finland for her soundtrack for Jan Forström's film "Silmäterä" ("Princess of Egypt"). The winner will be revealed february 2nd in Jussi-gaala.



Lau Nau's original motion picture score for Silmäterä

It's time for the very first new feature film ever to be released with Lau Nau's original music score. The movie is "Silmäterä" ("Princess of Egypt" in english), directed by Jan Forsström and the premiered late  2013. Here's the trailer for you to watch:


I'm happy to tell that I did a few cooperations again! First with Joshua Burkett on his 7" record / art book compilation called Xavier's birds. Other artists playing on the record are Thurston Moore and Willie Lane, and the art book is by Joshua.

I'm also playing on one track on Kuupuu's beautiful new LP called "Sisar", out on Japanese EM records. Kuupuu is one of the most wonderful characters in Finnish music scene.

AGF asked me to join a poem album she was producing and the result is a beautiful record "AGF & Various: Kuuntele!". I am singing one poem on top of her playful composition.

Warmest recommendations!


Theatre and sound installations

During spring 2013 I have been active composing and recording music for Alma Rajala's theatre play "Unicornis", which was shown at the Turku City Theatre. In summertime you will be able to hear music that I composed to Bruksteatern's summer play "Balladen om Sejtes skatt", where the theatre gang will play and sing my compositions. Oh yes, and I forgot to tell you earlier: I did a few sound installations to a exhibition called "Memento illusia", a collaboration between, me, Sara Ilveskorpi and Aino Toivettula. The installations were shown in Brinkkalan galleria, Turku (2012) and Salon Veturitalli (2013).


Balladen om Sejtes skatt, photo by Janne Wass

Memento illusia, photo by Sara Ilveskorpi



Happy year for Lau Nau & "Valohiukkanen"! The compositions of the album are nominated for Teosto-prize, which we really appreciate! Read more at Music Finland's site and in Finnish, at Teosto's site. Also, the album is nominated for best cover art work in Emma-gala and the band is also a nominee in Femma-gala's genre "Aholaita-femma - perinteitä freesisti vaalivat". That has something to do with fresh approaches to traditions :)

Lau Nau and the band (Pekko Käppi, Antti Tolvi, Jaakko Tolvi, Laura Naukkarinen) in Groningen. Photo by Sami Sänpäkkilä.

* * * * *

Video for "Valolle"

Sami Sänpäkkilä directed a music video for our song "Valolle" with his simply wonderful crew:

Cinematography, edit and script: Sami Sänpäkkilä
Grip, starry sky photo: Anna-Mari Nousiainen
Costume designer: Anne-Mari Pahkala
Assistant: Sanna Ala-Laurinaho

* * * * *


Band shows

In addition to the solo shows, Lau Nau has been playing band shows occasionally over the past years. 2012 saw the birth of her new band and Lau Nau does as many as possible of her shows with the band.  The players are known from her albums and for their own great solo projects and bands, too: Pekko Käppi (jouhikko), Jaakko Tolvi (drums), Antti Tolvi (bass, flutes, alto clarinet), and occasionally Kristian Holmgren (guitar), Ramo Teder (jouhikko, mandolin, guitar), Pauliina Mäkelä (visuals). They don't have a band name yet, suggestions has been such as Lau Nau & the Lollerz, Lau Nau ja hänen ihmeellinen yhtyeensä, jne. Hopefully 2013 brings a decent name for them!

Soundchecking in Nordic Sound Station

Eurosonic 2013 by Lauri Hannus

Eurosonic 2013 by Sami Sänpäkkilä

* * * * *

"Kuoleman tappajan kuolema" on video

Lau Nau's long-awaited third album was released on Fonal Records on November 12th and it has already received very positive reviews in the press. Soundi gave it four out of five stars, Sue wrote that it is "reminiscent of Coco Rosie but with a perfectly original Finnish touch.", The Wire Magazine wrote: "Fonal continues to prove itself one of Europe's most indispensable labels with the third album from Lau Nau [...] Folk based, earthy and characterized by the use of strings and acoustic guitar, the sound world occupied by Naukkarinen seems very much like the haunted arbour claimed by Philadelphia's Espers, albeit even more spooked and with greater degree of twist to the melodies. That is, until crackling organ chords herald the psychedelic disco-folk of "Kuoleman tappajan kuolema."

The track Kuoleman tappajan kuolema (trl. The Death of the Killer of the Death) gives the premise for a music video directed and written by Sami Sänpäkkilä. Laura is buried in a grave in a theatrical studio setting. In the background we see a sunset and a rising moon overlapped with the Venus transit while Laura rises from her grave to be reborn again. Director of photography is by Timo Heinänen who has shot over 20 feature films in Finland including Jari Halonen's Lipton Cockton in the Shadows of Sodoma and Risto Räppääjä children's films.

You can see the video in Vimeo where it has already had over 1000 views after being live to public for two days.

Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/51821536

Youtube: http://youtu.be/dvJsIowxzPI

* * * * *

New album!

Artist: Lau Nau

Album: Valohiukkanen

Label: Fonal Records

Format: CD FR-88, LP FR-88LP, Digital

Release: November 12th 2012

Recorded in 2011 on Kemiö Island, in Turku, Tampere and Stockholm, Lau Nau’s long-awaited third LP, ‘Valohiukkanen’, is to be released on 31st October 2012 by Fonal Records. An articulate work of delicate beauty featuring nine new Lau Nau originals and one cover version, it is adorned by an array of instrumentation, and enhanced by the integration of rhythm and percussion - a thing rarely heard on Lau Nau albums. Although it’s safe to say the mood is still firmly rooted in the shadowy side of life, we are occasionally taken to a disco - yet that too sounds as if it may have been organized by Death. Tonally and texturally rich and immersive, the new record includes contributions from Pekko Käppi on jouhikko, Jaakko Tolvi on drums, Antti Tolvi on bass and alto clarinet, Kristian Holmgren on guitar, synths and percussion and Matti Bye on grand piano and celesta. The cover photographs were taken by renowned Finnish photographer Susanna Majuri, as part of her ‘Imaginary Homeland’ series.

Lau Nau is the musical alias and persona of Laura Naukkarinen. Her debut album, ‘Kuutarha’, won acclaim from the likes of Pitchfork and Dusted, with The Wire naming the LP in their top 50 albums of 2005, and citing her Philadelphia show of that year amongst “60 concerts that shook the world”. Her sophomore album, ‘Nukkuu’ (2008), was equally well received, garnering further plaudits from the likes of Stereogum and Cokemachineglow. ‘Valohiukkanen’ continues the path laid down by those two records, but if her psych-folk roots are still visible then the branches are further reaching, the music imbued with a timeless, cinematic breadth of vision. Retaining her penchant for a fragile, spectral other-ness, these ten interrelated snapshots draw the listener towards Naukkarinen’s idiosyncratic, finely honed sound-world, unconsciously paralleling other luminaries such as Smog, Sigur Ros, or Linda Perhacs with her singular sense of purpose.

During the past year, Naukkarinen’s time has been spent in all manner of ways. Aside from giving birth to her second son she has opened for Godspeed You! Black Emperor in Helsinki, and played dates in New York, FatCat’s Open Circuit Festival in Belgium, Super Deluxe in Tokyo, and Shanghai Expo in China to name a few. She has contributed to a variety of compilations, and set to work on a three piece sound installation (to be exhibited Autumn 2012 in Turku, Finland). She has completed live scores to a number of films for the San Francisco Silent Film Festival with Matti Bye Ensemble, composed string arrangements with free-folk psychedelicists Maailma’s forthcoming album, scored the music to an upcoming feature film, written a theatre soundtrack, dance pieces and composed two tracks for the Australian prime-time TV show ‘Underbelly

* * * * *


Lau Nau's songs have been recently released on these compilations:

Thrill Jockey / Fina: "Benefit for the Recovery in Japan" Compilation, spring 2011.

Muu ry: "Muu for ears 7", 2011.

Rough Trade Shops: "Psych Folk 10", fall 2010.

Amorphous Androgynous: "A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble Exploding In Your Mind Volume 3", fall 2010.

"Zoo No. 1." Photographs by Daido Moriyama. Music by David Grubbs, Matmos, Mount Eerie, Jan Jelinek, Lau Nau and more. Powershowelbooks 2009.


* * * * *


Windows have eyes

In 2008 Lau Nau played a show 3dr Degree in Asbury Park, New Jersey, and everybody had such a good time that in 2010 Windows Have Eyes productions invited her back to make a few live videos in the same venue. You'll find the fruits of the session here: http://vimeo.com/23049607 and onward.

  1. ** * * *

Download a free ep

Lau Nau's and Kuupuu's session in David Garland's show 'Spinning on air' on WNYC is now permanently at National Public Radio's site. And you can download an exclusive 6-song ep with all the songs and jams we played! Isn't it great?