Lau Nau has been performing to the film Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari by Robert Wiene (1920) with two groups:

2017 at G-Livelab with the group Laura Naukkarinen, Matti Bye, Samuli Kosminen and Linda Fredriksson.
Laura Naukkarinen: modular synth, live electronics
Matti Bye: grand piano, live electronics
Linda Fredriksson: saxophones
Samuli Kosminen: drums, percussions, live electronics.

2015 Lau Nau and the Dirty Candles have performed a new live score for the film in Taiteiden yö, Brinkkalan piha, Turku and Cinemadrome festival, Niagara, Tampere.
Lau Nau: synths, glockenspiel, electronics
Niko Karlsson: electric guitar
Antti Tolvi: wind instruments, electronics
Pentti Dassum: trash percussion, synths.