Sami Sänpäkkilä directed a documentary about Lau Nau. This is what he writes about it on his site:

Direct links: Vimeo / Youtube

“The seventh episode in the series A Day in the Mouth features Lau Nau, the musical alias of Laura Naukkarinen – a singer-songwriter, composer, producer.

This episode took a while to put together as I first felt that I had not done justice to Laura’s amazing kindhearted person and her massive enthusiasm for music well enough while filming Laura and her family. It took an editor other than me to find that from the footage. This is the first time anyone edits my videos and I’m very excited that Eeva Tuomi was able to bring out what I was perhaps too close to able to see. Laura and myself have known each other for a long time and she is among one of my oldest “musical” friends. Especially in this case it was nice to see someone else juggle the questions of what to include and what to leave out.”

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