Lau Nau did a full score for the dance piece BIRD, presented by Chang Theatre in Thailand, created in artistic collaboration between visual theater company WHS from Finland and Pichet Klunchun Dance Company.

The music was mixed and co-produced with Lau Nau by Samuli Tanner.

We wish to make this known to you. If anyone
is keeping birds in cages in your courtyards,
we tell you, “Let them go.” If you don’t obey,
you, in your turn, will be arrested by the birds,
tied up and forced to work as decoys where we live.
Aristophanes: Birds (414 BCE)
(Translated by Ian Johnston)

On stage the performers are trapped in a cage. Or is the audience held in captivity?
The performance keeps the sky as its prisoner, and teaches fake birds to fly.

Premiere November 10. 2018

The project was supported by Kone Foundation and Finnish Cultural Foundation.