A TV series directed by Miia Tervo and Markus Lehmusruusu, 2021 Yellow Film & TV.
Original score by Lau Nau with Pekko Käppi.

Lovi main theme by Lau Nau & Samuli Kosminen is released as a single, December 2021.
Composition: Laura Naukkarinen,
Arrangement: Laura Naukkarinen & Samuli Kosminen
Mixing: Samuli Kosminen
Mastering: Jarno Alho / Alho Audio Mastering

Wilma, the most popular girl in High School, has been found drowned in Lovi Lake after the opening of her father’s new factory. The death is ruled as a drunk accident, but strange black marks on Wilma’s wrist cause Wilma’s sister Sofia to suspect that something else might be behind this event. Sofia has contradictory emotions: nobody knows how cruelly the perfect straight A girl Wilma treated her sister. And on top of it all, the torture seems to continue even after Wilma’s death.