2005 Locust Music USA

Artist:Lau Nau
Title: Kuutarha
Catalog Number: locust66
Format: CD, Limited lp

The last year has seen an explosion & all-too-welcome interest in a vital, tightly knit scene of musicians from Finland. Out of the communal circle of prodigious Finnish musicians comes this lovely 10-song debut solo outing by Laura Naukkarinen (vocalist for Kiila & Päivänsäde).

Kuutarha is all stray lullabies & plucked blues on a ghostly bed of  60-cycle vibrational hum. Sung in her native tongue, Kuutarha intimates a secret language outside traditional words into something  utterly beautiful & unrestrained. Melody is intimated through the contours of voice, guitar and violin, and arrangement is less a thing to do with the placement of things than with Lau’s comfort in letting things fall where they may.

Unhurried, imperfect, seductive, enchanting & mysterious.

Line up
Laura Naukkarinen –tamboura, five-stringed kantele, acoustic guitar, violin, colorful juice glasses, mortar, mandolin, witch laugh megaphone, baby’s rattle, bike bells, banjo, cowbells, electric guitar, organ, willow whistle, tablas, percussion, cymbals, comb, beer cans
Pekko Käppi –jouhikko

Tomas Regan – banjo

Antti Tolvi – acoustic bass, mandolin, bass & tenor recorder, bamboo flute