3 channel sound installation for an exhibition by Sara Jimenez at Wave Hill, Glyndor Gallery, Bronx, USA.
Open from April 14th to July 14th 2019..

Filipina-Canadian artist Sara Jimenez draws from familial narratives, abandoned objects, detritus and colonial texts, as well as photos, maps and textiles from the Philippines, to create installations and performances that center on concepts of origins and home, loss and absence. In Glyndor’s middle gallery, she creates an immersive, fictional city from printed and collaged images placed on cardboard and wood, depicting historical ruins, churches, estates and other buildings from colonial texts of the Philippines. Supplemented with a soundscape, this disorienting, multi-perspective space blurs distinctions between the real and imagined, the wild and the civilized, the empty and the occupied. Created in partnership with Finnish composer Lau Nau, an ambient and subtle soundtrack vibrates through the room in an unidentifiable murmur. The collaborative pair uses recorded excerpts from natural phenomena and quiet but occupied places at Wave Hill to create an auditory experience “between silence and a charged sense of haunting.”

Pictured: Sara Jimenez’s work in progress for Here We Land, 2019. Photo courtesy of the artist.